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I have a textbox that I am typing in a value, if the vale is > 149 I have a dialog come up that says it is to high. I am trying to test it in WatiN to ensure that the dialog box is popping up, but for some reason everytime I run the test the test I end up getting 2 dialog boxes for whatever reason. Here is my code:

        public void DialogTesting()

            var dialogHandler = new AlertAndConfirmDialogHandler();

            Assert.AreEqual(1, dialogHandler.Count);


Why would I be getting two dialog boxes when I am only typing into the box once?

There is an inconsitency somewhere, it works sometimes and sometimes it doesn't. There is no pattern or method to when it works and does not work.

Upon further research, the test runs properly if I DO NOT maximize the IE window and watch the test carry out. However if I do maximize the window and watch the test carry out it double displays the dialog and returns the test as failed because the count was 2. Could it be some sort of javascript window focusing issue?

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which event do you use? textChanged? – Moonlight Jan 3 '12 at 15:47
Does it make any difference if you use Find.ById("mytextbox")).Value = "1500" instead of calling the TypeText function? – Nailuj Jan 24 '12 at 8:20

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