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I'm creating a curation plugin for a custom solution.

When a Member gives an url, I retrieve all images, then I give the choice to choose an image from this page.

How could I only offer images which have a minimum width ? (Considering some img tags doesn't have width or height attributes)

Should I parse each image ? Or is there a solution with Jsoup ?

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The only way to find a image's true size is to retrieve it. Even if there is a width/height attribute in the HTML, it might not match the actual dimensions of the image. JSoup has provisions to allow you to get the full URI of an image given the base URL of the page you are parsing.

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So you mean I should get the image, and use a FileImageInputStream or something else to get my image real size ? – Kévin_Bransard Jan 3 '12 at 15:55
Yes, something like that. – Mitch Jan 3 '12 at 20:38

yes,you can store image using BufferedImage(new URL(YOUR URL))) ,extract its size,height,width and store it in a File .

Here comes the JSOUP with File Parse. you can use JSOUP this way!!! Take a look at ,

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