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I'm trying to write a batch script to detect if an EFI partition is already mounted in Windows.

Ultimately, my goal is to use mountvol /S (mount EFI system partition) only if the EFI partition is not already mounted.

The diskpart utility with the list volume command has some potentially helpful information as does mountvol by itself, but it looks like both of these will require some string parsing.

Is there a better way?

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I'm not sure there is any easier way... but the parsing isn't that big of a deal. Here is something that should do what you need:

@echo off
setlocal enabledelayedexpansion
echo list volume > listvol.tmp

REM Checks for "efisys" in the list volume function. If it finds it, checks status. If not healthy sets var to No
for /F "tokens=6-9 delims= " %%G IN ('diskpart /s listvol.tmp') DO IF /I %%G==efisys set mounted=%%J

if '%mounted%'=='Healthy' set mounted=Yes
if not '%mounted%'=='Yes' set mounted=No

echo Is EFI drive mounted?
echo %mounted%.

del listvol.tmp

Edited because I was parsing for wrong value.

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