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Do you know if there is any tutorial or example out there showing how to handle multiple screens / scenes of a game?

For example, imagine I have a game with this structure:

  • Cover
  • Main menu
  • Gameplay
  • Credits

To put allthe code in just one java file might be a nightmare... I'd like to use different classes and probably different scenes, but I don't know how to do it.


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Extend Scene class for all of these scenes. Make a class called SceneManager, make a field of this class in your BaseGameActivity implementation. The scene manager has fields for all of the scenes, and you can make methods like SceneManager.getCreditsScene(), SceneManager.getMenuScene() and so on.

This way each scene has it's own file-class, while another classtakes care of all of the scenes and the game activity itself just calls simple methods to access these scenes.

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hi, to do the SceneManager.getCreditsScene(), the scene manager must contain static methods right? –  xus Jan 5 '12 at 9:01

This is the tutorial you are looking for, it's a plataform game, it has a scene manager class taht handles, spalsh, menu, loading and game scenes. It also privdes a Resources Manager that is used to load and unload resources according the scene you are at.

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