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I have this following code:

  "coloring" :[],
  "end_date" : {},
  "event_type" : null
  "exclusive_group_name" :  null
  "mode" :  "alerts_detail_report"
  "page_length" : 50
  "scope_kind" :  "enterprise_group"
  "scope_value" : 14553
  "scope_values" :  {"enterprise_group": 14553}
  "sort" :[["WAGNAME", false], ["LOCATIONTIME", false]]
  "start" : 0
  "start_date" :  {"snap_unit": "day",
    "snap_direction": "beginning"}
  "time_zone" : "EST"

How do I make something like following:


1) right side of the hash is encoded

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What is the question here? What have to tried so far? –  Howard Jan 3 '12 at 16:43
You need to go through each element of the hash, add the element's key to your output string variable, then a = sign, then the encoded key value. Edit your question and let us know how far you've gotten. Show us your software so far, not just the input and desired output. –  Larry K Jan 3 '12 at 16:47
so far i tried to put everything in hash. with semicolon the syntax was complaining. i guess my first challenge is create a hash and second challenge is value like start_date which has another array in it. –  user1090044 Jan 3 '12 at 16:53
Thanks Howard and Larry K so far i am stuck how to retrieve enterprise_group value 14553... –  user1090044 Jan 3 '12 at 17:00
For what purpose are you encoding the hash? There may already be a technique or library to do what you need. Do you need to store it as a string and later turn it back into a hash, but the actual format doesn't matter? Are you sending it to some software that expects a certain format? –  Wayne Conrad Jan 3 '12 at 19:14

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The hash is broken. Here is one that works:

hsh = {
  "coloring" => [],
  "end_date" => {},
  "event_type" => nil,
  "exclusive_group_name" => nil,
  "mode" =>  "alerts_detail_report",
  "page_length" => 50,
  "scope_kind" =>  "enterprise_group",
  "scope_value" => 14553,
  "scope_values" =>  {"enterprise_group"=> 14553},
  "sort" =>[["WAGNAME", false], ["LOCATIONTIME", false]],
  "start" => 0,
  "start_date" =>  {"snap_unit"=> "day", "snap_direction"=> "beginning"},
  "time_zone" => "EST"

Now build the query string:

require 'uri'
hsh.map { |k, v| "#{k}=#{URI::encode v.inspect}" }.join('&')

This should get you a workable query string. Looks different than the encoding you presented in the question though.

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