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i wonder if it is possible to post to a users stream/wall by using stream_publish as a page or an app. Currently I've granted my app to stream_publish on my own wall. But when I post to my stream from the app the post is displayed like I would've posted it by myself instead of having the app posted it to my wall.

I want to have the post looks like the app posted it. I already used the uid-parameter in the stream_publish params and set it to the appId ... but the post still looks like an own post.

my code:

$postData = array(  $feed_dir = '/'.$fb_uid.'/feed/',
                        $method = 'POST',
                        $msg_body = array(  'access_token' => $arrUserData['access_token'], 
                                'message' => 'here goes the message',
                                'name' => '-name-',
                                'link' => 'http://some-url',
                                'description' => '-description-',
                                'actions' => ($actions),
                                'uid' => $iniHandler->getIniSetting('')

                try {

                    $res = $facebook->api($feed_dir, $method, $msg_body);
                catch (Exception $e) {       
                    $err_str = $e->getMessage();


Or is ther another way to post to a wall and let the post looks like a post by an app? My users can sign up for issues in my app and my app posts some news to the users wall ... thats my aim.

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You also need manage_pages permissions. Once you have those, HTTP Get me/accounts and that will be a list of pages that the logged in user is admin of. In that list will be a unique page access_token. Use that token to http post a new wall/stream item.

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