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I'm trying to wrap some C++ Code with Cython. I have a class that utilizes a template method, but is not a template itself.

class SomeClass {
    template <class T> SomeClass(T& spam);

As the class is not a template but only the Constructor, I cannot declare the class as a template in Cython like this.

# wrong!
cdef extern from "SomeClass.h":
    cppclass SomeClass [T]:
        SomeClass(T& spam)

How can I wrap the template-method?

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Cython's support for C++ is still very limited, so most likely, you can't. I don't know for sure, though. One workaround that comes to mind is specifying overloads for types you actually use this constructor with. – Cat Plus Plus Jan 3 '12 at 17:02

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Easy. (Or I think it is) In the C++ class, the member is templated, whereas in Cython, you declare the class to be templated. Change your code either to:

template <class T>
class SomeClass {
    SomeClass(T& spam);

If feasible, or to:

cdef extern from "SomeClass.h":
    cppclass SomeClass:
        SomeClass [T](T& spam)

If Cython supports it.

I'm not a cython expert, so I may be wrong.

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The former isn't feasible/equivalent, and the latter doesn't work as presented. (It would be interesting to know if there is some support or some workaround.) – Mike Graham Jul 1 '13 at 18:39
As of version 0.19, the documentation only mentions template classes, not template methods. – Laurent LA RIZZA Jul 1 '13 at 19:09
As per this, template methods don't appear to be supported, only template calsses – maxywb Jul 3 '13 at 17:43

How about Boost wrapper for cython?

Welcome to version 2 of Boost.Python, a C++ library which enables seamless interoperability between C++ and the Python programming language. The new version has been rewritten from the ground up, with a more convenient and flexible interface, and many new capabilities, including support for: References and Pointers Globally Registered Type Coercions Automatic Cross-Module Type Conversions Efficient Function Overloading C++ to Python Exception Translation Default Arguments Keyword Arguments Manipulating Python objects in C++ Exporting C++ Iterators as Python Iterators Documentation Strings

I guess you are looking for something like this , it is already there as part of boost c++ library

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I'm not sure what you are trying to say. – Mike Graham Jul 4 '13 at 19:09

For a non-constructor template method, using the following non-template class:

class SomeClass {
    template <class T> void other(T& spam);

I was able to get this to work:

cdef extern from "someclass.h":
    cppclass SomeClass:
        void other[T](T &spam)

That may not help you if you specifically need a constructor template method, but it does appear that Cython's support for template methods has improved at least slightly since the time when this question was originally asked.

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