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I'm using JPA/Hibernate (a newbie at them). When an exception occur (could be an unique constraint violation) I want to catch it and show some application meaning messages, instead of printing the stack trace.

Does Hibernate provide some tool to get info (maybe database independent) about exceptions?

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HibernateException encapsulates the actual root cause than can provide you enough information for you to generate meaningful user-friendly messages. Read the Exception Handling section of their documentation.

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You can do like following. i did that. But offcourse you are using vendor specific code so if you go with a different JPS provider, you will have to change code at several places. At the same time, sometimes its practical when you know you are not gonna change JPA provider easily and user friendly error message is more important


catch( javax.persistence.PersistenceException  ex)


     if(ex.getCause() instanceof org.hibernate.exception.ConstraintViolationException)


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You can either catch the general JDBCException:

try {; //might throw exception
} catch(JDBCException e) {
    //Error during hibernate query

or you can also catch one of the more specific subclasses of JDBCException such as ConstraintViolationException or JDBCConnectionException:

try {; //might throw exception
} catch(ConstraintViolationException e) {
    //Email Address already exists
} catch(JDBCConnectionException e) {
    //Lost the connection

and with the e.getCause() method you can retrieve the underlying SQLException and analyse it further:

try {; //might throw exception
} catch(JDBCException e) {
    SQLException cause = (SQLException) e.getCause();
    //evaluate cause and find out what was the problem

Which would print for example: Duplicate entry 'UserTestUsername' for key 'username'

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You can specifically catch org.hibernate.exception.ConstraintViolationException. That way you know you're catching only constraint issues.

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All exceptions in Hibernate are derivatives of the Java's RuntimeException class. So if you catch a RuntimeException in your code , you can fetch the cause of the exception by calling the Exception class' getCause() or getMessage() methods

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