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I have doubts, who creates the node sd (SCSI Disk) under /dev?

I thought it was a kernel with usb driver in fact, but I have not found any documentation about this. I just found that it may be to create udev nodes through its rules, even though I have no specific rule to create /dev nodes SCSI disk.(for example)

Could you help me? Many thanks

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Its actually the udev driver and daemon that manages all this. You can see some documentation about how it all works on the udev(7), udevd(8), and udevadm(8) manual pages.

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Ok, udev can manage /dev/sdx and all these by rules, but if I do not have any rules, who creates the sym-link when a device is plugged? –  Gianfranco Jan 4 '12 at 8:39

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