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I'm a newcomer to MVC (having inherited a razor MVC web site).

I'm trying to get an About Us page to work with a tab style - buttons basically, to flick the content.

I added the following constructor and property ...

public class AboutModel
    public AboutModel(string selectedAboutTab)
        SelectedAboutTab = selectedAboutTab;
    private string _selectedAboutTab;
    public string SelectedAboutTab
        get { return _selectedAboutTab ?? "about"; }
            _selectedAboutTab = value;

and then hoped to use HTML like this to change the tab ...

    <a href="/About?selectedAboutTab=directors">directors</a>

But it doesn't seem to be passing anything to the Constructor.

I think the problem is in the Home Controller ... which is on the Home Page - that kicks off the AboutModel in the first place ... but I was thinking once I'd navigated from the 'Home Page' to the 'About Us' it's job would be done! But it actually creates a new Model every time I click on an About 'tab' within the 'About Us' page.

This is the bit of code on the Home Controller.

    public virtual ActionResult About()
        ViewBag.CurrentPage = MenuPages.About;
        return View(new AboutModel("about"));

Sorry for my clear lack of MVC knowledge! but could someone please tell me the easiest way I can get the SelectedAboutTab property populating?


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You've already answered your own question, but as a general tip, consider using a URL helper rather than hard-coded <a href />:

@Html.ActionLink( "directors", "About", new { selectedAboutTab = "directors" } )

The view engine will dynamically build your link.

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I just needed to add the selectedAboutTab to the Home Controller ...

    public virtual ActionResult About(string selectedAboutTab)
        ViewBag.CurrentPage = MenuPages.About;
        return View(new AboutModel(selectedAboutTab));
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Why public virtual? – Vincenzo May 3 '13 at 9:09

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