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I am using Sinatra 1.3 and it's a Sinatra::Application.
I have a method that fetches a web service.
I want to log when this service has succeed and what it has failed as it runs in the background (cron job)

def fetch_some_web_service  
    #if successful "Success"  
  rescue SocketError => e "Failed"

I can't seem to use the Sinatra logger instance. It's generating errors for me and I'm assuming it's doing this because I'm logging in a method and not within a route?

What is the best way to capture the errors and success in some log file using Sinatra::Application

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I use the following code in Sinatra for logging

raise "Log File not specified" if log_file_location == nil
log_file =, "a")



Then use logger to log."it works !!!!")
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Is the first 6 lines of code something I would put in my helpers or before do ? – neuone Jan 4 '12 at 17:16
No this code will go as part of the file, outside of any methods. In case you are using modular style of Sinatra then make it part of the class. – randomuser Jan 5 '12 at 8:46

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