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Has anyone successfully used hudson to build .Net 1.1 Projects? If so, can you share the configuration. I am having trouble.

Hudson uses MSBuild which was introduced with .Net 2.0. I found MSBee which is a MSBuild toolkit for 1.1 but so far I have not got it to work with Hudson. I point Hudson at the 2.0 MSbuild after installing MSBee and have tried the following arguments (among other things)

/t:Rebuild /p:TargetFX1_1=true 

/p:TargetFX1_1=true /p:CustomAfterMicrosoftCommonTargets=D\SCM\MSBuild\MSBee\MSBuildExtras.Fx1_1.CSharp.targets
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I'm using NAnt for 1.1 projects, which was simpler to integrate for me than MSBuild. You have a hudson plugin for it.

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