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Is there any way to reuse a transaction among different connections without recurring to DTC? I can't figure out how to do this.

using (TransactionScope ...
    using (var db1 = new modelXEntities())
        db1.Database.Connection.EnlistTransaction(Transaction.Current); ???   
        db1.SaveChanges(); ==>error

        using (var db2 = new modelYEntities())
            db2.Database.Connection.EnlistTransaction(Transaction.Current); ???    
            db2.SaveChanges(); ==>error

Error: The underlying provider failed on Open...


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If you want to have single transaction for multiple connection you must use distributed transaction = MSDTC. The reason is that coordinating transaction among multiple transactional resources requires special handling (two-phase commit). All transactional resources must communicate with separate process coordinating the transaction. That is what MSDTC (MS Distributed Transaction Coordinator) provides.

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