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public static void method(Set<?>... sets){}

Depending on program flow, above method is called with two sets, or with three sets, or more. (Not known at compile time).

Is there a way to constructing the argument list "on the fly"? sets is of type Set< ?>[ ]

Following was not fruitful:

Set<Set<Integer>> varargs = new HashSet<Set<Integer>>();

(method recognizes varargs just as one set -> no solution)

Set<Integer>[] varargs = new HashSet<Integer>[2];


"Cannot create generic array of HashSet<Integer>" 

I would like to construct an array of arguments, while array size and content is filled at runtime.

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 Set<Integer>[] varargs = new HashSet[2];
 varargs[0] = new HashSet<Integer>() ;
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thanks a lot! this works –  panny Jan 3 '12 at 19:09

I believe array of Set should be defined like this:

Set<Integer>[] varargs = new Set[2];
varargs[0] = new HashSet<Integer>();
varargs[1] = new HashSet<Integer>();
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Thank you, didn't know it was so obvious! –  panny Jan 3 '12 at 19:08

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