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I am new to MATLAB and I am trying to built a voice morphing system using MATLAB.

So I would like to know how to normalize a signal to zero mean and unit variance using MATLAB?

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if your signal is in the matrix X, you make it zero-mean by removing the average:


and unit variance by dividing by the standard deviation:

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one remark/question @Oli, in your code, you're actually computing the std of the aligned/zero-mean data (x-mu), i.e: std(x-mu), but it should be: std(x), right? –  Tin Mar 25 '14 at 16:18
\forall scalar a, std(x) == std(x+a) –  Oli Mar 27 '14 at 4:47

You can determine the mean of the signal, and just subtract that value from all the entries. That will give you a zero mean result.

To get unit variance, determine the standard deviation of the signal, and divide all entries by that value.

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If you have the stats toolbox, then you can compute

Z = zscore(S);
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It seems like you are essentially looking into computing the z-score or standard score of your data, which is calculated through the formula: z = (x-mean(x))/std(x)

This should work:

%% Original data (Normal with mean 1 and standard deviation 2)
x = 1 + 2*randn(100,1);

%% Normalized data with mean 0 and variance 1
z = (x-mean(x))/std(x);
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