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I'm trying to name a new column in my view... here is (part of) my code:

SELECT co_url_name, score_combined,(SELECT trunc(("productAndServices" + "futurePurchase" + shipping + "customerService" + returns + "lifetimeRating")/6, 2) AS resellerRating)

Basically it's just an average of a bunch of columns.

However, the column comes up named ?column? instead and was wondering how I need to change my syntax to name the column resellerRating instead.

I tried ALTER VIEW myview RENAME COLUMN "?column?" TO resellerRating; and not surprisingly got an error.... can anyone help me figure this out?

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Change your view definition to this:

    (SELECT trunc(("productAndServices" + "futurePurchase" + shipping + "customerService" + returns + "lifetimeRating")/6, 2)) AS resellerRating

If you want to post your whole query here, I can refactor it, but as it were, you need to put the alias outside the subquery.

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I appreciate the offer, but this answers my question perfectly. I'll accept your answer soon as I can! Thank you! –  tnw Jan 3 '12 at 19:29
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