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I'm a UK based IOS / Android developer and want to test SMS capability to a US mobile phone number(e.g. many google services offer SMS capability only to US numbers)

Does anyone have a recommended way of doing this? At the moment, I'm looking at just buying a pre-paid US SIM and putting it into an old unlocked tri / quad band phone. But perhaps someone has walked this path before and has a better way of doing things?

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No better way for me - I just found co-workers or relatives of friends who lived there and had them try it out. I tried buying phone and shipping it to the US, only to discover the SMS didn't work although the phone did. Goofy stuff like that. –  Matt H Jan 3 '12 at 19:33
Thanks for the input Matt. I've sent off a bunch of emails to global SIM companies...for now. Thanks the input on the phone idea though -- I'll make sure to stay away from that one. –  Java Guy Jan 3 '12 at 20:15

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I am in charge of technology for simstogo, we are providers of global roaming SIMs. I would not test any SMS delivery using global SIMs if you are specifically testing US, exceptions apply but the safe way to do it is using a SIM from a US operator. If you need some more details please get in touch, roberto.carballa@simstogo.co.uk

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