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I have a one dimensional vector of data in R and I want to find heat map colors that correspond to this data. For example:

data = c(12,32,33,41,5)

I then want to find a vector of HEX colors that correspond to that vector - something like higher values have darker colors and lower values have lighter colors or something of that sort.

Are there any packages/functions out there that will do this?


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If you need the colors for making plots in R, all plotting functions take care of this step. –  Paul Hiemstra Jan 3 '12 at 19:50
the scales package can certainly do that; it's used internally by ggplot2 to map values to colours among other things. –  baptiste Jan 3 '12 at 22:23

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By a bit of googling, I found the following function on this link:

val2col<-function(z, zlim, col = heat.colors(12), breaks){
  if(length(breaks) != (length(col)+1)){stop("must have one more break than colour")}
 if(missing(breaks) & !missing(zlim)){
  breaks <- seq(zlim[1], zlim[2], length.out=(length(col)+1)) 
 if(missing(breaks) & missing(zlim)){
  zlim <- range(z, na.rm=TRUE)
  zlim[2] <- zlim[2]+c(zlim[2]-zlim[1])*(1E-3)#adds a bit to the range in both directions
  zlim[1] <- zlim[1]-c(zlim[2]-zlim[1])*(1E-3)
  breaks <- seq(zlim[1], zlim[2], length.out=(length(col)+1)) 
 colorlevels <- col[((as.vector(z)-breaks[1])/(range(breaks)[2]-range(breaks)[1]))*(length(breaks)-1)+1] # assign colors to heights for each point

It seems that is exactly what you are looking for.

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