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I need/want to put to a custom method with activeresource

myresource.put(:go_crazy, {:go => "go", :crazy => "crazy"})

Which goes to on the server where the resource is

/myresource/:id(pretend is the integer 1)/go_crazy?go=go%crazy=crazy

Only, I need to specify that the :id is something else e.g. 'myresource.crazy_key'

I've actually figured out another way to do this as a workaround, but I can't seem to get at what I need to do to specify the id as something else, if I can do this at all.

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In your "Resource" model, override the to_param method

def to_param
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It is already there from previous, I use that key as an id with AR, BUT not as to_s – blueblank Jan 3 '12 at 20:35

I assume you wanted to use something else instead of :id in URL. Then you must define attribute which will act as primary key in your active resource class:

class FooBar < ActiveResource::Base
    self.primary_key = :name



will request

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