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iOS 5 and a polished device generation (4S) were released some months ago. Apple also dropped the support for the iPhone 3G, so I think that the number of potential iOS 3 devices and user has been decreased.

Should I bother making a new app compatible with iOS 3.1.3? How many user are still using iOS 3?

If there are any sites that keep up to date stats, please post.

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If you're starting a new app I would just go ahead and make its target 5.0. –  samvermette Jan 3 '12 at 19:55
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It totally depends on your app. Something which heavily relies on new features of devices can probably target >=4.0 or possibly even only >=5.0. An app which is simpler and might be used by an audience which is unlikely to have upgraded even to 4.0, might want to target >=3.0. It really does depend on your app.

Other than that, it does also boil down to how wide an audience you want to target with your app. If you cut out 3.x users then you're probably cutting out only a tiny fraction of overall users. And if those users have not upgraded then will they even be users you want? (i.e. they are likely users who aren't power users if they don't know how to upgrade / want to upgrade). Nobody can really answer your question except yourself.

Flurry - http://www.flurry.com/ - publish lots of stats about mobile users which might be of interest to you to find out a bit more about the uptake of new versions of iOS.

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