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I'm using SmartGWT, and I'd like to leverage the SmartGWT-extensions event bus:



There are entries in the SmartGWT forum about its use, however, there are appear to be no real-world or concrete examples of using it.

Does anyone have a sample code snippet or any other material that could demonstrate its use?

Thanks in advance,

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I only used Gwt SimpleEventBus in my Smartgwt app and is very happy with it, I put some details on my blog (here and there) , re - reading it now tell me it's not really clear so look at it and we can talk about it after. Regards


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I actually ended up using the GWT EventBus as well. It's a better solution, because it allows for type safety, so you can catch mistakes at compile time. Works great, and definitely allows for de-coupling code. –  binarygiant Jan 20 '12 at 17:29

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