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The following red x suggests something is wrong.

enter image description here


  • Project contains no errors and compiles fine
  • Project contains no path conflicts
  • Project includes all files it needs to know about
  • All tests pass when ran
  • Code works when executed

What would cause the red x and how can i remove it?

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Try looking in the problems view for a detailed breakdown of build problems and warnings:

There could be a whole range of problems related to your project without being specific to your source code. You might not have an expected jar on your build path - for example.

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It could be a problem with the project itself. For example, you have a library defined in your build path and the library doesn't actually exist on disk.

Try right-click on project > Build Path > Configure build path > Libraries and look for problems there.

If you are not actually using any classes from the missing library, your project would still build, which would explain what you're seeing.

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+1 Also, sometimes I find that closing and opening Eclipse can fix these problems - Eclipse gets a little weird if it's been open for a while. – user822535 Jan 3 '12 at 20:28

Do the 'Problems' or 'Error Log' views tell you anything?

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