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I have two dropdowns -- for the month and year -- and a button. When the user clicks the button, I want to grab the selected month value and year value and pass them as query string to a URL like this: https://mysite.com/events.aspx?my=may2012.

How do I grab those values using jQuery or Javascript?

<div id="datepicker"></div>
<div class="calendForm">
    <span class="inpMonth">
            <option selected="selected">September</option>
    <span class="inpYear">
            <option selected="selected">2012</option>
    <a href="#" type="submit" class="btnBlue"><span>GO</span></a>
</div><br />
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There is a mistake in T. Stone's answer. the selector should have a dot. Other than that - great answer!

See my fiddle

    window.location = "https://mysite.com/events.aspx?my=" + $(".inpMonth select").val().toLowerCase() + $(".inpYear select").val();
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Great! And thanks for correcting me and T. Stone. – Anju Thapa Jan 3 '12 at 21:43
Thank you but the credit should go to T. Stone. – guy mograbi Jan 3 '12 at 21:52

I'm assuming you want this all to happen on the click event of btnBlue.

Start with a click handler...

$('a.btnBlue').click(function() {
   // ...

Then get the values of the month/year...

var month = $('.inpMonth select').val();
var year = $('.inpYear select').val();

Then navigate to that URL...

window.location.href = 'https://mysite.com/events.aspx?my=' + month + year;

All together that's...

$('a.btnBlue').click(function() {
    var month = $('.inpMonth select').val();
    var year = $('.inpYear select').val();
    window.location.href = 'https://mysite.com/events.aspx?my=' + month + year;
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first, get references to your SELECT and LINK dom objects:

var button = $('a.btnBlue');
var month = $('#datepicker .inpMonth select');
var year = $('#datepicker .inpYear select');

next, create a function to return the current month & year as a string:

function currentSelection() {
  return month.val() + year.val();

create a function which navigates you to the new url based on currentSelection():

function navigateToDate() {
  window.location.href = "https://mysite.com/events.aspx?my=" + currentSelection();

when the button is clicked, call navigateToDate():

button.click( navigateToDate );
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To get the month try

$(".inpMonth select").val();

To parse a whole form give .serialize() and .serializeArray() a try

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