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I would like to know why my permissions dialog looks different from the regular permissions dialog that the other apps use.

So far all apps I have tested look like this:

Other apps permissions dialog

However my app's permission dialog looks like this: My apps's permission dialog

I guess approach 1 is preferred (because I see that everywhere).

I decorated my action with:

[CanvasAuthorize(Permissions = ExtendedPermissions)]
public ActionResult Index()

What do I need to do to get a permissions dialog that looks like the first one shown?

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You probably use the new one, try to change your facebook app settings.

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thx! Now that I know what it is and how to control it, I think I'll stick to the new 'enhanced' dialog. I wonder why other apps have not migrated yet. Now I have to figure out how to localize the text displayed in that dialog (title, desc, etc...) – santiagoIT Jan 3 '12 at 22:09

You can edit the new auth dialog here:{id}/auth

or you can disable it here{id}/advanced

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