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This might be an easier problem then Im making it, but trying to figure out time formatting is absolutely killing me.

When I press a button I collect a start time using:

    StartTime = DateTime.Now.ToString("hh.mm.ss.tt")

Then when the calculation is done I have:

    EndTime = DateTime.Now.ToString("hh.mm.ss.tt")

What I would like to do is to:

    TotalTime = EndTime - StartTime  

But to print the time using the format; "?# Hours, ## Minutes, & ## Seconds"

It sounds soooo easy....

my edit*

        timenow = DateTime.Now
        start = DateTime.Now

        Dim totaltime As TimeSpan = (timenow - start)
        xlWorkSheet201.Cells(3, 9) = "Total Test Time: " & Format(totaltime.Hours, "#0") & " Hours, " & Format(totaltime.Minutes, "#0") & "Minutes, & " & Format(totaltime.Seconds, "00") & "Seconds."
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I probably wouldn't use the ToString() function on the StartTime and EndTime variables, since that turns them into strings.

Try this:

Dim StartTime as DateTime = DateTime.Now

'' Do Stuff

Dim EndTime As DateTime = DateTime.Now

Dim TotalTime As TimeSpan = EndTime - StartTime

Me.Text = TotalTime.ToString("hh':'mm':'ss")

Of course, you can skip the TotalTime variable and just calculate it in place:

Me.Text = (EndTime - StartTime).ToString("hh':'mm':'ss")
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You both answered the question, or at least got me thinking about a better solution. I completely forgot that I had datetime.now.tostring .... I posted what I ended up going with above under the *edit –  Nefarii Jan 4 '12 at 0:09

If you want to calculate durations, you must not use the string type. Use directly the DateTime variables (that is, DateTime.Now). You should get a TimeSpan object when subtracting.

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Dim TotalTime As TimeSpan = EndTime - StartTime
Console.WriteLine( _
    "{0:#0} Hours, {1:00} Minutes, & {2:00} Seconds", _
    Math.Truncate(TotalTime.TotalHours), _
    TotalTime.Minutes, _
    TotalTime.Seconds _
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