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I am currently running an rsync command to backup my specific folder.

Here is the command:

rsync -rtzv -e --exclude "generator/" --exclude "workspace/gallery/server/lib/personas_constants.php"  /home/brandon/workspace/gallery /home/brandon/workspace/gallery2

The issue I am having is the --exclude is not excluding the specific files. It is the relative path to the files from where I am running the rsync command. The exclude does however work for the "generator/" directory.

Can someone shine some light on this for me?

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It turned out that it is the relative path from the folders that are being rsync'd with one another. Not from where you are running the rsync command.

--exclude "generator/" --exclude "server/lib/personas_constants.php" --exclude "server/lib/connect.php" 

Fixed my issues.

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Personally I've had better luck using an exclude file. It was quite some time ago but it might be worth a shot.

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The --exclude argument takes a pattern, and file names that match that pattern are excluded - not the specific path to a file.

If you don't have any other files called personas_constants.php, then --exclude personas_constants.php should do the trick - otherwise you'll have to do something fiddly including --exclude-from and moving some files around.

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