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Hey there I'm using a theme that has a TimThumb built in and instead the image thumbnails i just see a text link to the post (the image alt) because the image is not loading.

I found out that the problem is the URL that comes as the TimThumb src which is:


When it doesn't have the http:// and the domain it works just fine (when i change it in firebug):


I went to their demo page to see how it works there and they use it like the following:


I have no idea how to do that every image i upload using wordpress media uploader and use as a Featured Image will not have the http:// and domain in it.

EDIT: I just found out that blogs.dir is for multi site so don't pay attention to this part.

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Check your permissions on TimThumbs cache directory, for you it should be located in /wp-content/themes/cadabrapress/scripts/cache this directory needs to be writeable. If your on linux run chmod 777 cache from the scripts directory.

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I think, you have filled wrong URL at administration: Settings > Media > Full URL path to files. Delete URL in this field.

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