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Any idea how to create a lucene Document from Strings or Textfiles or Directories in the new version of Lucene? Where can i find the API in the current lucene version??

previously in 2_9_4, i could:

IndexWriter = writer = new IndexWriter(indexDir, config);
add(writer, "Lucene");

or even in 3_0_2:

IndexWriter = writer = new IndexWriter(indexDir, config);

But now i'm clueless how the add document goes. How do i add textfile as a lucene Document? or even a Directory of textfiles?

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Hm, among the 3.5 examples I find this (

        Collator collator = Collator.getInstance(new Locale("ar"));  
        ICUCollationKeyAnalyzer analyzer = new
        RAMDirectory ramDir = new RAMDirectory();   
        IndexWriter writer = new IndexWriter(ramDir, analyzer, true, IndexWriter.MaxFieldLength.LIMITED);   
        Document doc = new Document();   
        doc.add(new Field("content","\u0633\u0627\u0628", Field.Store.YES,Field.Index.ANALYZED));   

The IndexWriter is there (

Are you sure you imported all necessary libraries?

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yep, no worries about the libraries import because as long as I get the class name correct, the IDE helps me import them. – alvas Jan 7 '12 at 11:40
if i need to add a new String to the Index, i would need to create a new doc right? I tried around and came up with something like this.… . Could you explain a little why is it necessary to have the Collator? – alvas Jan 7 '12 at 11:41
@2er0 sorry, I don't think it's necessary, I wanted to show you an example of creating a document from a String in 3.5, and this example seemed sufficient. I should have cut this piece of probably. – ynka Jan 7 '12 at 11:54

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