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So lets I have a Transactions model.

Transactions.rb has:

 belongs_to :buyer, :class_name => "User"
 belongs_to :seller, :class_name => "User"

The user logged in, is accessed with current_user.

How can I do something like current_user.transactions? (which won't work as transactions doesn't have a user_id column) Or something like current_user.transactions.buyer?


(also the user model has_many :transactions)

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All associations in Rails are one-way.

So for each belongs_to, you need to add a has_many or has_one on the other side.

I'd suggest you want something like this;

class User
  has_many :transactions_as_buyer,
    :class_name => "Transaction",
    :foreign_key => :buyer_id

  has_many :transactions_as_seller,
    :class_name => "Transaction",
    :foreign_key => :seller_id

Now you can say;

to get an array of buyers.

Of course, depending on your app you may have a better name than "transactions_as_buyer/seller"

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