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Exception From HRESULT: 0x81070905

Correlation ID: {18b28591-7c95-45e4-93ce-5e92a503c7fb}

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Check what the ULS Logs say for that correlation id. –  Nitin Rastogi Jan 4 '12 at 5:27
Yep, ULS log is under ProgramFiles/CommonFiles/MicrosoftShared/WebServerExtensions/14/Logs by default. Search for the correlation ID in the log file. There are a lot of log file in txt documents right there. You should try to reproduce the error by doing the exact operation like creating site from template in your case and search the new correlation Id from the error, in the log file that is the latest modified document in the folder. –  Beytan Kurt Jan 5 '12 at 0:09
Google ULSViewer and download that utility. It comes in handy when troubleshooting SharePoint logs. –  Matt Klepeis Jan 5 '12 at 4:12

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