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I'm using an Iframe to have an html file work on a homepage when someone clicks on a link. When I use the html file by itself as a webpage, things like multiple key depressions and such work and are accessible. But they aren't when I access the html via an iframe. Is this even possible?


Oh, I have a function in my main.html file, which detects key depressions and plays video files based off of key presses (it's a psuedo video game). It uses eventlisteners and objects to detect positions of keys. But again, this doesn't work when I view it in an iframe from some other html page, index.html

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First off, if your iframe and parent are on different domains, you're going to have some security issues that you may/may not be able to get around (read Cross-Domain Communication with IFrames).

As for how to access your iframe's events from the parent.


EDIT: Should mention that your question is a bit ambiguous, so I'm kind of shooting in the dark here with this answer.

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