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it posible to make two color in one text field using Actionscript 3.0 ? i have made for singel color and it work great, but i can't make it two ?

ex: the string, the second string

how can i make like the string = black and the second string = red

here is my code for singel color

    public function logs(txt)
        if (txt == '')
            textLog.text = "Let's Open up our treasure boxes !!!";
            textLog.text = '' + txt + '';
        textLog.x = 38.60;
        textLog.y = 60.45;
        textLog.width = 354.50;
        textLog.height = 31.35;
        textLog.selectable = false;
        textLog.border = false;
        var format:TextFormat = new TextFormat();
        var myFont:Font = new Font1();
        format.color = 0x000000;
        format.font = myFont.fontName;
        format.size = 18;
        format.align = TextFormatAlign.CENTER;
        format.bold = false;
        textLog.embedFonts = true;
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In setTextFormat you can specify start index and end index. You can also render text as html using textLog.htmlText.

First set the text

var t:TextField  = new TextField();
t.text = "BLUEGREEN";

Then method 1

var format1:TextFormat = t.getTextFormat(0, 4);
format1.color = 0x0000ff;
t.setTextFormat(format1, 0, 4);

var format2:TextFormat = t.getTextFormat(5, t.length);
format2.color = 0x00ff00;
t.setTextFormat(format2, 5, t.length);

Or method 2

t.htmlText = '<font color="#0000ff">BLUE</font><font color="#00ff00">GREEN</font>';
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how can i do that bro ? would you like to give an example ? –  wenkhairu Jan 4 '12 at 3:25
I have modified the answer with sample. Please check. Remember that you need to apply format after setting text. –  tracevipin Jan 4 '12 at 4:43
Please use .length property of string to set indexes if you don't want to hard code. –  tracevipin Jan 4 '12 at 4:47
thanks @Diode, but the problem is the text is dynamic, according to the string that not defined, like you found : blah.... or you found the 100 coins, some time not all text is two color, it just one color, in any case it not all the time have the two color, and not all them have the same length, could you like to explain how can i do such as problem ?, i have edited the question, thanks again Diode –  wenkhairu Jan 4 '12 at 6:14
Thats why I asked to use .length property of string. Here in the example instead of (0, 4) you have to use (0, firstString.length). –  tracevipin Jan 4 '12 at 6:17

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