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For the following code snippet, is my understanding of $label = $classifier->{result}->{forcast}->[$i]->{label}; correct?

1) result is used as the key for hash ref of classifier;

2) forcast is used as the key for hash ref of $classifier->{result}

3) $classifier->{result}->{forcast} is a ref to an array, and i-th value of this array is also a hash reference

4) The label is the key of the hash reference $classifier->{result}->{forcast}->[$i]. The corresponding value is assigned to the left side of $label.

my $i=0;
while (<classifierinput>)
   $label = $classifier->{result}->{forcast}->[$i]->{label};
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How is classifierinput defined? What is this code supposed to accomplish? –  Dave Jan 4 '12 at 3:24
Your understanding is correct. I'll just add that between two consecutive sets of indexing brackets (either array or hash), the dereferencing arrow is optional. So your example can be written $classifier->{result}{forcast}[$i]{label} (the first dereferencing arrow is not optional as it isn't between two sets of brackets). –  Dave Cross Jan 4 '12 at 9:13

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Yes, your understanding is correct.

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