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I have a table in my jsp(using display:table tag) which has one column that is clickable. It is implemented using TableDecorator.Clicking it sends 2 request parameters (ReasonsText and account)to my spring controller.

Now there could be cases when first request paramter(reasonsText -String) can be extra large.It fails in that case.And i dont know ho to handle that.

Is there any alternative to that? I tried finding something in my database tables which i could use in place of reasonsText(like reason ID) but i use group by on reasonsText so i couldnot use id.

I could not figure out how to send POST data from display:table and not to send via to "" link.

Please suggest.

<display:table uid="reports" style="font-size:12px" name="${reportList}"          
        decorator="com.pojo.myDecorator" >   
   <display:setProperty name="css.tr.even" value="csZebra" />   
   <display:setProperty name="css.tr.odd" value="" />           
   <display:setProperty name="basic.empty.showtable" value="true" />                        
   <display:setProperty name="paging.banner.placement" value="bottom" />   

   <display:column headerClass="TableHeader" 
        style="width:10px;" property="form" group="1" />   
            <display:column headerClass="TableHeader" 
                            property="count" total="true" />   

            <display:column headerClass="TableHeader" 
                            property="reasonsText" />   
            <display:column headerClass="csFirst" 

public class MyDecorator extends TableDecorator {   
   public String getDetails() {   
    if (getCurrentRowObject() == null || !(getCurrentRowObject() instanceof ReportsPojo)) {   
        return "";   
    MyPojo dto = (MyPojo) getCurrentRowObject();   
    String decoratedColumn = "<a    
                        + dto.getReasonsText()   
                        + \" rel="nofollow">"  
                        + "Details" + "</a>";   

    return decoratedColumn;   


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while using display tag you can only use GET method. Or use buttons to implement javascript that will post the parameter data to the request. But this is not recomended in case end user might turn off scripts. –  Big Fat Pig Jan 4 '12 at 4:05
I am able to send POST data (using hidden fields and a href tags)and i have to add Javascript ofcourse (ok for now).I didnt need any decorator in this case .But issue with POST data -repeated comma separated values.In controller end ,it sends all 'reasons' and all 'accounts' b comma separated and there is no way to figure which one was user-clicked. –  lucky Jan 4 '12 at 18:46
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