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I am new to Spring batch, looking for some example developed Spring batch with Annotation concept.

This link (click) talks about Spring batch, but not Spring batch with annotation concept. As discussed in given link documentation is not clear. I am using latest Spring framework. I want to avoid xml configuration.

Is Spring batch is very good tool for batch processing? or Is there any better tools available for batch processing instead of Spring batch?

Is there any limitations in Spring batch?

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Spring batch is very good for batch processing: you can implement anything with it. "limitations" has very wide meaning (performance limitations? conceptual? API? integration?). If you are more precise on your task, then you get better advise. – dma_k Jan 4 '12 at 11:43

Spring batch supports only limited functionality which you can configure using annotations. Mainly these are listener callbacks, like @BeforeStep or @AfterChunk. Using these annotations provides you a choice either to implement corresponding interfaces or to use annotated methods. Annotated bean has to be injected into job, step or chunk (reader, processor, writer, retry-policy, skip-policy or listeners) in XML configuration, which you cannot avoid.

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I found a really good tutorial about spring batch with annotations. It explains you some different approaches to configure batch jobs, thus it is a good starting point and it is not a very old post (june 2013). It is composed of 6 parts and it provides some clear JUnit tests to see it working.

Take a look at the first post here

In that post you will find link to the next post and to the author's github to grab the code.

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Spring docs are good you can have a look to bellow project its good they explained each step and every step like Hello World program

and if you are new to gradle or Maven you read this tutorial before getting started

and if you are new to spring framework i will suggest to go through

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Check out the following links

  1. Batch home
  2. Samples
  3. Reference includes annotations use case also .
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Links are no longer active. – Revoman Jun 11 '14 at 17:35

Have you look at

If you defined all the necessary "bean" object, in the main method, you can just get them in the application context.

ApplicationContext ctx = new AnnotationConfigApplicationContext(MainConfig.class);
job = (Job) ctx.getBean("SOME JOB");
jobLauncher = (JobLauncher) ctx.getBean("jobLauncher");, jobParams);
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Spring Batch is the game of ItemReader, ItemProcessor and ItemWriter. Read the large data using ItemReader from any resource, apply business logic to it using ItemProcessor and then finally write the data to any resource using ItemWriter. Find the link for annotation based spring batch 3 example.

Spring Batch 3 Annotation Example using MySQL and Gradle

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If you want to get started quickly with spring batch using annotations, I suggest you look at this article:

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For another very good Spring-batch with annotations example visit:

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