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mysql -u scott-h machine.domain.com -p -D foo_db < foo.sql

If I add an ampersand at the end, it suspends the job. I want the flexibility to run this background so that this time consuming process doesn't end, even if I log out of the shell / machine which launched it.

Should I be using nohup enter code herealong with a & at the end. How do I know if this job got completed?

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You will likely find the unix screen command useful for tasks like this. Type man screen on the command line for more info. –  Asaph Jan 4 '12 at 6:19
Why does it hang? Because mysql reads from /dev/tty instead of standard input? –  Jonathan Leffler Jan 4 '12 at 6:22

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The use of nohup and & can be used.


nohup <your command line> >logfile 2>&1 &

For stderr and stdout to go to the logfile. Use /dev/null instead of logfile if you want not to record the output.

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you could run it as

prompt> mysql -u scott-h machine.domain.com -p -D foo_db < foo.sql &
prompt> bg
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