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Is there any way of getting the pixel location or the (x,y) points on which i clicked on the screen. Actually I am clicking on the screen and i need to know the x.y position where i clicked. i need to show these points in a popup window on click to the screen is it possible. Please help

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Use getGlobalX(), getGlobalY() of the TouchEvent. Also you can use getX() and getY() for getting mapped x and y coordinate. See documentation for reference.

protected boolean touchEvent(TouchEvent event) {
    int touchXGlobal = event.getGlobalX(1);
    int touchYGlobal = event.getGlobalY(1);
    // rest of codes
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thanks.. i'll try this n let u know –  Swati Jan 4 '12 at 6:23
its almost working f9 but on the first go its showing -1,-1..?? –  Swati Jan 4 '12 at 6:35
The touchEvent(..) method will be invoked more than once for a single tap / touch (from user's perspective). But we need to listen for specific event, e.g. TouchEvent.CLICK, TouchEvent.UNCLICK, TouchGesture.TAP, TouchEvent.UP, TouchEvent.DOWN etc. So use the event that suits best () and use the event data on that case. –  Rupak Jan 4 '12 at 6:42

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