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In Vim, I have opened a file with basically the following structure:

3677137  00:01:47.04
666239   00:12:57.86
4346     00:00:01.77
418  00:00:00.82
6564     00:00:01.34
1800     00:00:23.93
29208    00:14:23.32

That is: a number, followed by a tab (could also whitespace, I don't believe it matters) followed by an expression that indicates some amont of elapsed time in HH:MM:SS.cs format. (cs standing for centoseconds).

Now, I'd like to replace leading zeroes and colons and have found the following regexp to do exactly this:


resulting in

3677137  1:47.04
666239   12:57.86
4346     1.77
418  .82
6564     1.34
1800     23.93
29208    14:23.32

This is not bad and I could probably live with that. However, if there were an easy regex to have at least one figure in front of the . I'd probably be even more happy. That is, if the fourth line read

418  0.82

instead of

418  .82

So, is there a regexp that does that?

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I would suggest: %s/\s\@<=[0:]\+\.\@!// –  kev Jan 4 '12 at 8:47

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I would suggest:


I tried it on your example and it seems to do what you want.

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Not the most elegant, but

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