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I have planed to start using a framework in php development. After going through several blogs on line and checking several questions here in stackoverflow I came to a conclusion to start with symfony 2.

I have recently learned php and created a demo application that works fine. now I realize I should go with a framework rather digging more with core php. I started reading this book but after finishing few chapters I found it a bit difficult and complex. I haven't used any framework before.

Can anyone please suggest me a book, tutorial, a blog or any other thing that I should start to make myself feel a bit more comfortable?

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My source : – webda2l Jan 4 '12 at 16:50
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Symfony2 is young and documentation (with books and so on) is not as mature as Sf 1.4.

I think I've read somewhere that a book is in preparation.

Here is my sources of documentation :

Edit : You should keep on eye on twitter as well (tag "symfony2"), a lot is going on over there, each dev writing an article tweet about it.

Maybe others will share their sources.

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