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I am working on a website created in ModX. I need to know the way I could execute a php code when any resource is created and also edit template variable associated to the created resource.

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You can do this using a plugin, set to run on the OnDocFormSave event. This event has a mode property which will be set to new when the document being saved has just been created - you can do a simple check for this to prevent the plugin being run every time a document is saved.

To set a TV value for the current resource, do this:

// get the required TV object by name (or id)
$tv = $modx->getObject('modTemplateVar',array('name'=>'tvName'));

// set the new value and save it
$tv->setValue($modx->resource->get('id'), $newValue);
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The answer by okyanet is correct, but I've added details for those unfamiliar with MODX.

Create a plugin, and configure it to execute on the two system events 'onBeforeDocFormSave' and 'onDocFormSave'. The two events are fired just before and just after a resource is saved. When a resource is saved, the $mode variable is available to your plugin, and if it is a new resource it's value is modSystemEvent::MODE_NEW and if an update its value is modSystemEvent:MODE_UPD

I've written a gist that includes the full code with examples:


This example shows you how to target either event through a switch statement, and how to further target the 'new' or 'update' status of the action. For intercepting and changing resource fields, its quite easy using the onBeforeDocFormSave event as you can simply change any resource fieldname with $resource->set('yourFieldname'). There is no $resource->save() required as this happens automatically after this event.

It's apparently much more difficult to save a tv using the onBeforeDocFormSave event, because of the way tvs are processed, so therefore the example shows how to update a tv using the system event 'onDocFormSave'. Again there is no $resource->save() required as tvs are saved immediately when you call 'setValue' on them.

A plugin could be made to function requiring only one of the system events, but as there are advantages to using both states as shown above, and to help explain, I have used both.

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