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What is the best way to do page breaks in dompdf?

I have had a look here at the page-break-before css attribute, but it didn't work when I did:

table {page-break-before:auto;}

The page still breaks in the middle of my table.

Is it possible to setup my html/css so that the page will break before the element if the element is going to exceed the page height?

Ideally I would like to divide my html up in to div sections so that each section will start on a new page if it is going to exceed the height of the current page.

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Using page-break-inside: auto; basically says to dompdf "do what you would normally do when breaking pages."

To force a page break before your table you would use page-break-before: always;.

To ask dompdf to avoid breaking inside an element you would use page-break-inside: avoid;.

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can't thank you enough :) –  dzona Jun 21 '12 at 10:21
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Here's a trick: place the <table> you do NOT want to print across multiple pages in another <table>.

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or place it into <div> –  Paktas Feb 4 at 17:46
table into table worked good –  Dimitri Adamou May 13 at 0:20
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