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I have the following problem:

I have sample form with reportViewer on it & report type is rdlc report on c#. I added a new dataset then selected tableadpater on it then selected the database from mysql and I selected the Filldata method & provided a query to retrieve data from a table named scanning providing certain parameters from my sample form. I tested my dataset by providing the parameters using the preview option & all works well... I added a report in my project named it TstRpt & selected the newly created dataset after that all the fields populated which I specified in the FillData method query... I dragged and dropped all the fields on my report form & saved all my work & ran my project... When I provide parameters on the sample form in the textboxes I always get a blank report with just heading that I kept while designing on the report... I dont see any values on my report but I tested the query manually & it works fine...

One more thing I followed the same procedure with Microsoft SQL 2005 & C# & all was working fine but when I moved to MySQL its working but not showing any values... :-(

Is the problem due to using mysql with C# or I'm wrong in between? Please someone help me asap...

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You've referenced and used MySQLClient, and thus have a separate code path for the MySQL related C# code? –  ChrisBD Jan 4 '12 at 8:09
Thanks guys the problem resolved! It was just a connection problem... –  FutureTech Jan 5 '12 at 10:55

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