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In Gerrit,I can create a project through:

ssh –p 29418 gerrit create-project --name gemfield

But,how can I delete the gemfield project ?

I havent see related commands or buttons on web page...

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* * EDIT * *

Since this question was origionally asked, I've released the delete project plugin, and handed it off to the more active Gerrit devs. If you are using Gerrit >= 2.7, I'd recommend this route. If not, read on.

* * END EDIT * *

There isn't a method to delete projects from Gerrit currently. It must be done by hand. This is the most-requested feature of Gerrit - see http://code.google.com/p/gerrit/issues/detail?id=349.

There are 2 steps to deleting a project by hand:

  1. Delete the repository from the server's file system
  2. Delete any references of the repository from the database. The tables to purge depend on the version of Gerrit you are running - the projects table was removed in 2.2.0 for example.

If this is a busy/active server, the only truly safe way to do this is to shut down Gerrit while you make your changes.

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See the delete-project plugin

ssh -p 29418 gerrit.example.com deleteproject delete --yes-really-delete my-project

We were able to install it in a 2.7 instance

The above cited gerrit issue also includes instructions that add a UI button to the project page.

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According to this comment the delete-project plugin now comes with a button on the project screen. –  sschuberth Feb 20 at 8:25

Our workflow for deleting projects from gerrit is to first delete the .git directory. After that do

ssh -p 29418 gerrit.server.local gerrit flush-caches <projectname> 

(or --all if you are doing some house keeping anyway ;-) )

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Deleting the raw .git file from your repository and either flushing the changes or restarting the gerrit service worked for us.

Note: Make sure you dont have any pending reviews for the repository you are deleting.

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