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I am trying to use the CRUD module in subpackages instead of the default one.

package controllers.admin;

import models.Branch;
import controllers.CRUD;

    public class Branches extends CRUD {

        public static void index() {


My routes file is:

# Import CRUD routes
*       /admin                                       module:crud

However when I use the default url: http://localhost:9000/admin/ I get the template not found error:

Template not found
The template admin/Branches/index.html does not exist.

How can I specify to CRUD module to look for views in the subpackages?

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ok. controller was generated with eclipse plugin and included the index() method. Removing it solved the problem and the module is now working correctly.

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Note: to get the play crud:override to work I had to amend the python script crud\commands.py to place the views in the admin folder: 'app/views/%s/%s.html' --> 'app/views/admin/%s/%s.html' –  emt14 Jan 7 '12 at 7:34

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