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A way back (2 years maybe), I developed a small web application that used Amazon's advertising API. Back then I used amazon's browenodes (from websites like browenodes.com).

I am not starting a new project, and trying to find the best way to query Amazon's products. Trying the old technique of Browsenodes api gives me literally rubbish. Is that technique still used? If not, what is your best practice for browsing and displaying Amazon's top products (using their advertising api)?

Thank you

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Any reason for the close vote ? – vondip Jan 4 '12 at 8:51
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I am not very familiar with the technical term "rubbish".... :-) What's wrong?

I am using browseNodes VERY extensively, and have absolutly no problems. If you explain your problem with a little bit more details, maybe I could be able to help.

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