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I have a main.jsp with a dyanmic div 'contentCol'. Everytime i click on a link on my side bar, content from other pages will be loaded in.

Let's say i click on the 'Load', content from 'Load.jsp' will be loaded into the dynamic div. My href="Load.jsp?cid=CSC101", I will need to pass a parameter cid=CSC101 and at the same time using History to store my states.

I have no problems with the back/forward buttons, but whenever i F5, the url parameter will be lost. I did a request.getParameter("cid") on the new loaded page and it retrieved nicely, but once refresh the value returns null.

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Seems like no one is helping, i wonder is it due to my low reputation? – WarChild Jan 4 '12 at 12:28
the phrasing / grammar of your question makes it difficult to understand exactly what you want to do. Also, no question is explicitly stated above, you are just stating what your page does. If you want help, ask a specific question, and you can help by posting some sample code, and even a screenshot or mockup illustrating what your issue is. Good luck! – j-man86 Jan 18 '12 at 2:55

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