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First of all, I know that this is because of bad libraries, but I don't have code for them to fix this.

XXX.dll contains class Util in global namespace. Util.dll has namespace Util.

When I include both .dlls I can't use Util namespace (Error 1 The namespace 'Util' in '..\Util.dll' conflicts with the type 'Util' in '\XXX.dll').

Because both are in global namespace I don't see how aliasing can fix this.

What is best solution for this? For now i know that I can make another .proj which will not include both .dlls and wrap classes I need. But this is not easily done ;(

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You should be able to use extern aliases for this - they allow you to effectively qualify a reference with which assembly you mean. Anson Horton has a good walkthrough for them.

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Yes, there is a solution to your problem. Go to the References subfolder in your project referencing the two assemblies. For the assembly with the global Util right click and press Properties. In the Aliases property you should have global. Change that for example to DLL1 or whatever. Now if you like to use the global Util in a file add the following before your using statements:

extern alias DLL;

Now you can use the global Util like that DLL.Util

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You will need to use the "extern alias" language feature. Check out this blog entry by Anson Horton.

(Or just see Jon's answer.)

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