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I add new class in the android/packages/apps/phone/src and I want to call the class in the ohter application.

Assume that the new class is I added

<activity android:name="SS"></activity> 

in the AndroidManifest.xml file in the android/packages/apps/phone folder.

The application which want to call the SS class has a list and I put the code in the xml file;

        android:targetClass="" />

When I choose the menu in the list, the phone show Class Not Found Exception. The message isUnable to find explicit activity class {}; ....

Please let mw know what is the problem

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Are you talking about contributing to the AOSP or building custom ROMs? If you are, this is not the most relevant forum. Try

If you are not, then:

The android/packages/apps/phone is a part of special apps shipped with the OS. You can't add classes to this package. Even if you do and compile the AOSP code, no phone will have your classes, so no application can use your classes.

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