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I am currently using Jenkins on my development PC. I installed it on my development PC because I had limited knowledge on this tool; so I tested on it in my development PC. Now, I feel comfortable with Jenkins as my long term "partner" in the build process and would like to "move" this Jenkins to a dedicated server.

Before this I have done few builds and have the artifacts archived from each build. In particular, the build number is very important to me for version control.

How can I export all the Jenkins information from my current PC to to my new server?

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I just did this. I followed the steps from Cédric Julien's answer, but I found that on Windows I had to run a Repair install before Jenkins could launch successfully after the move. After the Repair, everything is fine. –  Smurph269 Mar 28 '13 at 17:36

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Following the Jenkins wiki, you'll have to :

  • install a fresh jenkins in the new server
  • be sure the old and the new jenkins are stopped
  • archive all the content of the JENKINS_HOME of the old jenkins instance
  • extract the archive into the new JENKINS_HOME directory
  • launch the new Jenkins
  • do not forget to change documentation/links to your new instance of Jenkins :)
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When I Launched my new jenkins, my nodes are showing down, which is correct. But when I clicked on some node the URLs there are pointing to old jenkins as below: Run from slave command line: javaws old-jenkins-server:8080/computer/slaveMachine1/slave-agent.jnlp Or if the slave is headless: java -jar slave.jar -jnlpUrl old-jenkins-server:8080/computer/slaveMachine1/slave-agent.jnlp Now How should I make these URLs for every node to point to new-jenkins-server? –  merlachandra Dec 15 '13 at 17:02
Got the solution to my problem mentioned in my previous comment: Goto Manage Jenkins > configure system. Here in section 'Jenkins Location', under 'Jenkins URL' field, change the URL to point it to new jenkins server. –  merlachandra Dec 15 '13 at 18:30
make sure to copy the hidden folders as well! –  user3207391 Apr 8 at 21:38

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