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Given the following groovy class:

​class A {
    static x = { }

How do I check if class A has defined a static property called 'x'? Neither option below seems to work:

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I couldn't see a groovier way of doing this other than using Java's reflection API:

import static java.lang.reflect.Modifier.isStatic

class A {
  static x = 1

def result = A.class.declaredFields.find { == 'x' && isStatic(it.modifiers)

println result == null ? 'class does not contain static X' : 
                         'class contains static X'
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Is a static (Java) field the same thing as a static (Groovy) property? –  Dónal Jan 4 '12 at 15:43
As this code works, I'd say yes. –  SteveD Jan 6 '12 at 12:22
Definitely not. –  Artefacto Jan 15 at 14:32

Look at GrailsClassUtils.getStaticFieldValue - it returns a static field value by name, null if no property exist or not set. You may look at implementation if that's helpful

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I couldn't see any obvious way to check for a static property directly, but checking for a static method named getProperty is equivalent (I think)

def getStaticProperty(String name, Class clazz) {
  def noArgs = [].toArray()
  def methodName = 'get' + name[0].toUpperCase()

  if (name.size() > 1) {
    methodName += name[1..-1]

  clazz.metaClass.getStaticMetaMethod(methodName, noArgs)

// class that will be used in tests
class Foo {

  static String x = 'bar'
  static Integer num = 3

// tests
assert getStaticProperty('x', Foo)
assert getStaticProperty('num', Foo)
assert getStaticProperty('noSuchProperty', Foo) == null
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